A Whole New World Has Been Birthed


Beginning a new chapter of my life by birthing our baby boy has enabled me to process and release any of the old stories I’ve relied upon to define me – a potent opportunity to create an entirely new life story for myself and our family.

You see – we can allow our struggles to define us or to transform us. We are the only ones’ that can choose what experience we will have. My most challenging experiences have been the catalyst for my greatest growth in life. They inspired me to be courageous, bold and perhaps more authentic than I’ve ever been before.

Sure, I lost my ability to be able to tolerate all bullshit, but in losing that particular filter, I’ve been able to be real in my own journey (not only with myself) but also with those closest to me. One thing is for sure – we don’t grow through being in our comfort zones – no one ever has!

I am eternally grateful for all the experiences I have had, bad or good, neither need the label, yet if you must, what has seemingly been ‘bad’ has offered me the most growth in my life. If you have the courage to navigate the dark nights well – I promise that something quite extraordinary is waiting for you on the other side.



I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to ILLUMINATE MY PATH.

Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy