What Is The Language Of Light And Why Should YOU Experience It?

In 2017, Kat Von Greye was gifted the spiritual skill of speaking in tongues. This gift of Holy Spirit prompted the ability to pray and praise in a heavenly dialect, even speaking in an angelic language to strengthen themselves and others.

The Language of Light is the language of your Soul. 

As your innate language to God / Source / Creation, it a vast and powerfully transformative divine language with comprehension well beyond the mind. My guides explain the Language of Light as energy transmissions that “provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body according to non-dualistic higher Truth and divine Light programs.” From my point of view, it is pure Grace bringing you exactly what you need in the moment.

While the Language of Light is still relatively unknown on the earth plane, it is a particularly dominant aspect of my healing and Humanity Rising ascension work. At unconscious levels, and in the heart and cells, everyone is fluent in this frequency language as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of God’s creation. It is a very pure form of channeling, since neither my mind and emotions, nor yours, filter the messages and codes coming through for your healing. And because your Higher Self guides the work, according to your needs and divine timing, it is always appropriate and perfect for you.

This divine language can only be accessed through the vibration of Love. Language of Light is the term generally used for what is also called the Language of God / Source / Creation / Love / Soul / Angels. It goes by many descriptions, but it is always a divine multidimensional communication sharing love, light, healing and information from the higher realms of Creation. It is literally Source Light encoded with Whole-Light (non-dual) information.

Holographic in nature, this transcendent language is a multidimensional quantum expression. As such, everything you need is present in the moment you receive it. You will integrate what you are ready for leaving the rest available in your light field like a savings account to draw from when you are ready.

In all of its forms, the Language of Light is a connection to and communication from Universal Mind (God Creator) that speaks directly to the soul, DNA and body consciousness at vibrational levels well beyond the mind’s ability to understand or interpret. If you understand these languages, you are interpreting them telepathically, not through the analytical mind that learns and translates earth languages.

For most people who speak it, the Language of Light develops spontaneously and is not usually understood. Some people can interpret or get a gist about its meaning or purpose, but generally not, so don’t get caught up in the mind or you will miss the experience unfolding in your heart! More and more people are spontaneously beginning to speak these languages as part of their soul awakening process, as they align with their Higher Self.

A Channeled Message By Thoth About The Language Of Light

“The Light Languages carry a crystalline imprint that is able to absorb wave forms that enhance the sound recording. Such enhancements allow the listener to draw the sound into their hearts in full acceptance. The questioning mind does not interfere when sound is absorbed directly into the heart. Programs of Light are embedded within the recorded sound fragments. The sound is lifted into higher frequencies than can be recognized by the hearing or mind functions. This works according to aligned intent.”

Since the Ancient of Days, people have been searching to find out who they really are, why they are here on Earth, and what their purpose for living truly is. Soul Language Activation gives us the insight and the tools to answer these questions in an accessible, relatable way. By understanding your Language of Light, you will be able to listen more closely to your inner wisdom, expand your awareness, and enjoy your life.

Activating Your Language Of Light Can Help You:

By understanding your Soul mission and how you relate to the world around you, you will be able to increase your effectiveness in your business, in your purpose, and in your personal life. By tapping into your true self, you’ll gain a sense of clarity and alignment, you’ll become a more effective leader, and you’ll foster more profound relationships, which will help you feel more supported and connected.