A Shapeshifter’s Journey’ | Guided Meditation
06:30pm to 08:00pm - August 19, 2019

What is a 'Shapeshifter'?

The creature known as The Shapeshifter is specifically a human who can willingly take the physical form of one to several animals while maintaining their human consciousness.

Kat Von Greye - Founder of Born2fly Academy will be offering a guided sound meditation to flow deeply into a hypnotic state to meet and experience fully 4 powerful shapeshifting archetypes.

Our gathering will be located at Sharmik Treasures.

Entry : $22

**Comfort will be provided, however, feel free to bring yourself a blanket and water to support your needs for deep relaxation. ***CONTACT SHARMICKS TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE***

Sharmick's Treasures
7228 Central Avenue
(727) 290-6050


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