Angelic Light | Guided Meditation
06:30pm to 08:00pm - September 16, 2019

In this dynamic guided sound journey through The Seven Directions, those in attendance will gain the potential to fully experience the essence of The Seven Archangels.

Channeled through and embodied by Visionary Priestess, Kat Von Greye, guidance on how to connect directly with The Seven Archangels will be shared; their purpose, symbol, and possibly a direct channeled message for YOU.

Our gathering will be located at Sharmik Treasures.

Entry : $22 advance + $33 day of


**Comfort will be provided, however, feel free to bring yourself a blanket and water to support your needs for deep relaxation. ***CONTACT SHARMIKS TO RESERVE *

Sharmik Treasures
7228 Central Avenue
(727) 290-6050

Sharmik Treasures is the most amazing metaphysical store that I am sure you will also find as amazing.




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