Mentorship | ORIENTATION
04:00pm to 06:00pm - January 11, 2020

We are all called into DEEP INITIATIONS at certain times in our lives. I believe that these initiations are designed to transform the very fabric of our existence and wake us up to our potential - if we say YES to the journey. Are you ready to take flight into your Soulful evolution?

What was your WAKE UP CALL in life?

What shook you to the very core of your being?

What is your life’s work and purpose?

I truly believe that we are all here to experience the richness, fullness and the Magick of life.

Will you say YES to what life is calling you into?

I am currently accepting applications for the Spring 2020 - 'Flight of the Hummingbird'. Together we will peer into our darkest shadow selves and discover the rays of inner light required to navigate the rockiest of storms that can blow through our lives.

My goal is to support those who are called to fly into these spaces with me, and who are committed to picking up their medicine and diving into their own healing journeys. I am deeply inspired by the strength and wisdom of those who come to work with me, and it is within this inspiration that I hold space for others as they follow their own inner wisdom.


Initiated under Malieokali Urantia, and permission granted to share The Rites of the Munay Ki, Kat Von Greye upholds high standards of virtue while offering EARTH and STAR wisdom. Those interested in personal development by means of intuitive mentorship training must also maintain self accountability and strict responsibility in the sowing of these Rites of Passage!

Here’s to all of the journeys that shape us into who we truly are. I am forever grateful for all of them…


––– WHO IS THIS FOR? –––
This training program is not designed for anyone.

IAM calling for those who are genuinely wanting to make an impact, who are truly aligned with their passion, and those who are ready to commit fully to their highest vision.

This course will provide 6 months of intensive initiations and intuitive mentorship training through the Rites of the Munay-Ki. Included in our course of study will be supportive video training to assist your navigation during this quest for deeper, broader vision of who you truly are. Fuel your spiritual growth and transformational healing by accepting this personal invitation by Priestess of the Munay-Ki, Kat Von Greye.





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