Weekly Gathering | Sisterhood of the Rose
11:00am to 01:00pm - March 21, 2019


Are you seeking Sisterhood with those who are free of judgement, competition and hangups when it comes to sharing our heart, mind and soul ???

Kat and the Sisterhood of the Rose are here to anchor the energy of the God and Goddess into the heart of our Mother Earth, and to liberate the feminine principle that has been distorted and suppressed all throughout our human history. The key to liberating the masculine and feminine principles of our modern day society is for men and women to allow themselves to feel their sovereign energy, align it with their heart and express it in their own way.

Our gathering has been created for those who wish to to find support and sanctuary in their unique lives. Within the sacred space of our Divine Feminine, there exists no competition, no jealousy, no comparison : each and every woman and man is a unique gift of and to Creation, seen and appreciated in the Unity of One Heart – a beautiful precious mandala of cooperative Gods and Goddesses, where each and every one expresses the purest of love in their own unique way.

An invocation of the God & Goddess, followed by a grounding meditation and breathing exercise will be presented to begin our service, leading into an open discussion.


- Embracing our Sovereignty (What does that mean?)
- Self-care techniques for those who feel bombarded
- How to express our Divine Feminine & Masculine
- Conscious Conception & Parenting
- How to involve ancient rituals in a modern world
- Any other topics that you feel guided to share are welcomed


- Meditation
- Breathing Exercises
- Singing & Expressive Dance
- Reiki & Sound Healing
- Mommy & Me playtime
- Open Heart Sharing

Luminous Sisterhood Circle -

Join in fellowship. Heart centered men, and well behaved children are welcome to join our service, with the understanding that we will be meeting at my home and you must RSVP to attend. We have a little baby boy, and we are open to connecting with other mommies of a like-minded nature. Our gatherings are held outside in my garden. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring your own water and snacks if you need them.

Location details are shared when you RSVP.



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