Immersed In The Essense Of Our Elders


This year, my summer vacation is being spent fine tuning my channel and re-connecting with my teachers in this physical lifetime. As I navigate my own path, I am finding Ancient wounds imbedded in the memory banks of my DNA. Some I have been very aware of for quite some time, others are complete revelations for me.

I have always known that our ancestors have endured immeasurable amounts of pain and suffering for thousands of years. And as a result our cellular structure has been imprinted, science says up to 14 generations within our cellular makeup. This is the core work of what I am offering you; Rootwork, Ancestral Clearing, Divine Gift Awakenings, and the reprogramming of our DNA. It has always been at the forefront of what I am doing for others on a regular basis.

Clearing old programmed beliefs / feelings / ideas, and downloading the Source definition of (insert data here) has become my life. What I feel that others may not recognize, or even understand, is that when we choose to surrender ourselves as mediums, channels, guides, ‘energy healers’, ect, our personal soul’s evolution is then catapulted forward which rapidly increases our frequency, uncovering ‘distorted patterns’ that we must shift in order to maintain equilibrium.

The trick is not becoming stuck in these old stories and patterns when they are revealed. Instead, simply choose to be witness as these revelations unfold accordingly. To do our work for others, we must first do the work for ourselves. THIS IS KEY ❣

Which is not easy by any means! Especially to the analytical human mind. Some have experienced immense heartache and disconnection from our wombs in this lifetime alone that I believe the only way to truly heal this portal and restore balance to self and the collective is going directly to the source root of our pain and heal.

Two weeks ago, I spent the day with one of my absolute favorite teachers, who will remain disclosed. During our meeting she allowed herself to become fluid with the Holy Spirit, channeling three of my Master guides, and the messages I received were exactly what I have been praying for! I am blessed to know what is R.E.A.L.

Since that meeting I have been shedding like a snake. Quite extensively in fact. My dreams have been lucid and I have been up most nights during the witching hour; 3am to be exact. Just the other night, while taking a shower, I had a vision of myself being a nun who received lashings as a form of punishment during the crusades. Again, I will not get fixated on my ‘story’, however what I am understanding is the Holy Spirit is showing me lifetimes of pain and suffering within my genealogy so that I may be witness as my beloved I AM PRESENCE today, strong and whole!!

I hope this makes sense to you, and I would love for you to share your healing journey with me.




I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to DO MY OWN WORK.

Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy