Let’s Stop Associating Darkness With Evil

There is a serious distortion on what is perceived as darkness, light and evil itself. Sleep, Meditation, Dreamtime, Void, these are all encompassing darkness.

When did our society begin associating the darkness with evil? Dark, black, even the sea are common words associated with hiddenness, mysterious, empty, vast, unknown, undefined, unexposed, cloaked, and unseen.

Evil is frightening to humans – From our earliest history, humans would have found the darkness of the night both intriguing and terrifying. And this was entirely reasonable for our ancestors at a time when there was no way to know what predators lurked in the dark waiting to devour you or what foes wait patiently for a chance to slit your throat. This has led to people transferring conscious intent of malice to the darkness and beings associated with evil.

A revelation that is disturbing, now understanding this has simply been a misunderstanding passed from generation to the next. Evil, in a general sense, is the opposite or absence of good. It can be an extremely broad concept, though in everyday usage is often used more narrowly to denote profound wickedness; The intention to manipulate, amplify, overpower, and spread fear, despair, and hopelessness.

Now in my personal studies, IAM diving deep in the Sacred teaching of The Rose Lineage. If I were to say to you that IAM devoted to sharing the medicine of The Black Rose, would you label me a Evil, due to my devotion to the color Black???

We live in a society where evil disguises itself by light, darkness is suppressed and often easily manipulated by evil, and light demands absolute obedience which tips the balance between light and darkness itself. Losing touch of balance one way or the other causes a distortion and the opportunity for evil to arise. In the natural order, light needs darkness to maintain orderly balance.

When we gain the ability to walk with awareness in darkness while shining our inner light, we begin to reveal what is hidden. There lies the mystery and all the treasures that were previously unknown.

Why would anyone not want to take that adventure into themselves? Is it because someone told them in darkness there is Evil?

Rather than projecting your personal fears onto those who accept the truth in Darkness, let us all do the inner work of transmuting the shadow within because only in facing and integrating it can we become whole.

Our shadows are the most disowned parts of ourselves we do not want to face, and the Black Rose is confirmation of a higher order for those ready to understand and face them. In Her Black Light there is the mystery, things hidden, deep wisdom and dynamic power, a great secret too. For the Black Rose is the feminine energy of Source in its most liberated form.

With great encouragement flowing from the depth of my heart, let us all collectively STOP associating darkness with Evil.

This is NOT a program needed to be shared with our future generations. Let us collectively accept the notion that within darkness there is a mystery for each soul to reveal. When we learn to accept our own darkness as beauty, the world will begin to heal.




I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to WALK GRACEFULLY IN DARKNESS.


Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy