Magdalena of The Rose


This morning’s devotion is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, also known as Magdalena of The Rose.

During my pregnancy of 2018, I was visited on several occasions by a glorious angelic spirit many know as St. Mary Magdalene.

She reminded me of the collective suffering of our Divine Feminine, called “The Mother Wound”. She would begin revealing the stories of our Ancient ancestors, and not so distant relatives. Their experiences both glorious and most painful. I found these visions within my very own womb-wound. It was in these moments of revelation that I knew in my heart that we would be healing this lineage through the birthing of our son. Yet in order to prepare my Cosmic birth canal for this transmission, there would be major upgrading of my DNA needing to be integrated first and foremost.

Who is Mary Magdalene?

Description Credit : The Rose Lineage Mystery School, channeled by Shona Keeli

Mary Magdalene is a mistress of the awakened heart, a devotee of pure exalted devotion, a midwife to our individual soul’s authentic remembrance, a doula of death, grief, and sorrow, a member of the council of the Rosa Mystica, a highly trained Priestess of Isis.

She is the Apostle to the Apostles

Mary had the capacity to speak with angels and spirits (as told all through the gospels), she was able to support souls to transition through realms of heaviness and darkness and into the light. Many feared her abilities and her capacity to be a leader and this is one of the reasons (until recent times) that her sacred words and teachings have been held from us. It is written in many ancient texts that at the foot of the crucifixion Mary wept two tears which fell upon the earth and magickally caused roses to grow, blossom, and bloom beneath the feet of Jesus: Magdalena of the Rose.

Mary Magdalene was the wife and the tantric lover of Yeshua (Jesus), and mother of his children. She is a protectress of The Venusian Temple Arts, these arts are a temple template that restores the original innocence to the whole world’s consciousnesses. She is one of the main and current embodied goddess energies of The Sisterhood of the Rose. She is an overlighting healing presence for women’s sexuality for the fallen woman: the woman who has been shamed or cast out as a result of infidelity, prostitution, wedlock, or sexuality.

She also carries within her financial empowerment key codes and ancient wisdom for women serving the sacred flame.

The Magdalene Flame is an energy that can not be possessed, bought, claimed or destroyed, it is an eternal hearth fire of The Divine Mother, Sophia’s and Shekinah’s pure essence of unconditional love. The Magdalene Flame is the feminine Sophia christ consciousness expression, which is alive, well, and breathing here on earth in each of our Magdalene rose womb hearts.

Our Son Is Born

What I love most about my current state of Be-ing is living life with my beloved husband. He is the strongest, most fluid individual I have ever experienced. His ability to flow with my idiosyncrasies is beyond belief! The mutual love expressed during our birthing experience was pure magick, even our medical team noticed!!

Knowing the support needed to birth our baby boy into a world that is SAFE, SECURE, LOVING & NURTURING is all my DNA has ever wished for! Birthing in union with community support and the devotion of my beloved has created an unwavering foundation.

I hope you gained insight reading into my history and personal encounters with St. Mary Magdalene. I would love for you to share your healing journey with me.




I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to SEE MY REFLECTION IN YOU.

Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy