My Brother Bear


Once upon a time, in a vast Magickal land, there lived a giant bear. This bear was the friendliest, most loving bear of all.

Brother Bear truly enjoyed living his life in harmony with all Gaia’s creatures. He even made friends with the spiders and snakes!

Brother Bear would roam this land meeting a different kind of animal every day. You see, Brother Bear was the biggest animal of them all, he even could reach the tallest tree, on the tallest mountain, where he was the only one eating the most delicious red berries.

Life was prosperous, yet Brother Bear believed he was the only one of his kind. Even though he became friends with all Gaia’s creatures, he never met another giant bear like him.

One day, Brother Bear was climbing the tallest mountain to eat red berries from the tallest tree. As he approached his favorite eating spot overlooking the valley below, Brother Bear saw a bright light in the distance. He set down under his favorite tree and became absolutely mesmerized by what he saw in the sky.

It was a golden eagle flying directly towards Brother Bear.

Brother Bear was not afraid of the Golden Eagle one bit. He was incredibly thrilled to meet his new friend!

Golden Eagle landed gracefully on one of the highest branches in Brother Bear’s tree to share with him a story of the great future.

His new friend shared with him visions of war and destruction. Visions of all things unimaginable. He told Brother Bear that now is the time for the deepest connection with Gaia’s creatures. Because soon one day, everyone and everything would parrish.

Golden Eagle shared with Brother Bear that it is he being chosen to collect LOVE from all Gaia’s creatures. That it will be Brother Bear who fulfills the Great Prophecy and he should cherish every breathe and every heartbeat shared between him and all LIFE.

It was then that Big Brother Bear began to understand why he had the gift of connection.

He would continue his journey exploring lands of Magick meeting with extraordinary creatures of all shapes and sizes, collecting LOVE everywhere he roamed.

After a hundred years of exploration. Life began to change. Brother Bear noticed less and less trees. Less and less berries. And, meeting another one of Gaia’s creatures along his path became few and far between.

One day as Brother Bear was climbing up the tallest mountain to eat what was left of all the red berries, he stepped on a nasty trapped that captured his paw. Brother Bear growled in agony! He had never experienced pain ever in his entire life. He had only ever experienced LOVE. Brother Bear did not understand or know how to respond, so he just laid there licking his wound.

As the sun was rising the next morning, a creature approached Brother Bear. He had never seen this type of being before in his life, and this was the very first time he had ever experienced fear.

The creature that approached Brother Bear was a human. This human would abuse and kill Big Brother Bear. It is not a very happy ending to this story. However, as his friend Golden Eagle explained all those years ago, this time would be the end of the Great story he shared.

Brother Bear cherished all the LOVE he had ever received. When he finally met death, Brother Bear allowed his blood to drain into the Magickal land beneath.

It was Golden Eagle who told him that his blood carried all the LOVE the world needed in order to return Gaia’s creatures back to the way they originally were meant to live.

The blood of Brother Bear reached the core of all creation and it is through our heart that we may find his beauty way.



Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy