My Time To Say GOODBYE .. for now.

My time for sabbatical is approaching. This year has revealed so much for me and my chosen path, and I am ready to move forward as I am guided.

I have come to realize there are many individuals who seek guidance from others, yet what has shown itself is a great spiritual bypassing of many who believe they can walk steady on a certification rather than digging deep through true healing of SELF.

What I see is many who desire to help others, yet have loss focus of their true endeavors, which in my personal opinion should be the desire for introspection.

When you read this, know that I am only expressing my viewpoint without blaming anyone other than myself for leading the way. I too hoped to illuminate others first and foremost. In doing so, I gained an opportunity to look in the mirror. Seeing that it is me who has bypassed the deepest healing.

Does anyone realize that growing a baby is NOT a nine month process??

Does anyone realize that healing the world starts with healing oneself??

If I must be an example for others to see their greatest potential, allow me to show you by disconnecting all that distracts me from my personal development and Spiritual growth.

I AM DONE ✅ … and I am seriously stepping away from WORK to focus on my own needs, and letting go of my desire to help others who do not seek to help themselves. From the view on my social media screen, the show has become completely BORING! So many new cookie cutter / copycat coaches that just popped out of the oven, ready to dive into the collective milking. Every post is starting to look the same! SAME OFFERS, SAME PROGRAMS, SAME, SAME.

Does anyone truly wish for Co-creation? Or has everyone gone mad with self gain? Has Spirituality become the new market for PROFIT. Does anyone truly know what it means, or what it takes to navigate the deepest pains of society. These revelations make me so very SAD. Yet, I know this is a revealment that I personally needed to see in order for me to let it all drop like leaves from an aging tree.



In this moment, I am choosing to step away from the work I thought was mine, which is helping others find themselves.

I am embracing a dedicated Spiritual practice; one in which I spend my time in the center of my body; extending the reach of sensitivity to an empathetic understanding of my own vibrational frequency, and all things within me and around me, creating a life that reinforces the knowledge gained through my course of studies and personal development. Now is the time to help myself and the Spirits who have chosen to walk by my side.

BEST WISHES TO YOU & YOURS 🌹 This is the moment I say GOODBYE + BORN2FLY.



I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to LET IT GO.

Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy