Pave Your Own Path

When I first found out that my Soul’s contract is to guide and council the newly awakened in a manner that is righteous and sound, I didn’t even want to accept this path! The thought of supporting others was unbearable knowing that I could not support my own needs.

That was the year 2010.

Since then, I have found several paths that lead to oneness. The paths that I have studied run parallel throughout many cultures and traditions. When others try to fit into the crowd of inspiration the collective offers us, there are 3 paths that have guided me personally to find my own way.



Initially, the path of Reiki helped reveal and clear away a tremendous amount of heartache.

When I found my Reiki teacher, I was a server at Carrabba’s, living unfulfilled in my 2nd marriage to a guy I thought would eventually mold into what I was hoping for. The almighty power received through my very first Reiki Attunement changed my whole life dramatically. It was a lightning current of truth that propelled me forward so fast into revelation that everything around me looked and felt differently.

It was during Usui Reiki initiation that I chose to accept my higher calling to readjust what was definitely not working in my reality and dive deep into my personal healing. First, by getting a divorce from ‘that guy’, and then by focusing solely on my own health, growth, and Spiritual development.

My teacher was an elderly women who at this time no longer teaches, for she has lived a great life and is ready to rest.

When I was learning from her, she would share traditions of witchcraft in unison with the teachings of Reiki. She taught me true power of energy and the everlasting current that flows through us all. I felt at home in her presence. The room where she attuned me smelled rich of Nag Champa and I could not help but notice all the old books that looked to be hundreds of years old.

I studied with her only for a brief time before I dove head first into my calling, only to realize that Reiki was not necessarily the path for my Soul, it was actually the craft that was spiraling and weaving into our practice of Reiki that is truly my forte. Now I simply choose to recognize wholeheartedly that I AM A WITCH, and that witch I shall always be.

In this moment, I share my story as a clear message of how YOU CAN start putting yourself first and foremost. YOU CAN focus on your goals and heal, so that YOU CAN let go of the past, and move into the future living a fulfilling life by helping yourself and others!

After nine years of study and applying learned skills taught to me by many Wisdom Keepers and Truth Speakers, I have decided to accept that my path is a solitary path. I have come to the realization that; it is my time to focus on personal family needs and share the great knowledge I have gained with my children. My two sons are the greatest gift God has given me and it is through my children that I can create the deepest, most positive impact for all Humanity’s sake.



I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to GUIDE OTHERS.

Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy