When Life Evolves


As our spiritual practices become more of an integral part of our life, our reasons for being with people have started to change, and who we want to be with has also changed. It has not been easy, as long standing relationships, friendships and commitments have needed to be left behind.

My husband and I agree that our old friendships will either flourish and change as we grow, or there will come a time when we find that we no longer resonate anymore and we need to part ways. What was once stimulating conversation and great company might even become dull and lacking in interest for both parties, as our common interests, shared inspiration and/or values don’t align anymore. It could even be you that no longer resonates with us, and that’s OK!

As we create energetic and physical boundaries the crushing loneliness that can be felt when we are not surrounded by our kin and community has been devastating for each one of us. However, as my husband and I continue walking our beauty way, we always find the ‘others’. Those people who are as deeply committed to their own personal growth and development as much as we are.

Women and Men who maintain values and virtues equally as our own. Those who are aligned with a vision and mission that is related to ours. As we each weave our intricate life story, the average person will explore a number of relationships, as societal, emotional, situational and cultural needs change and grow.

From our family, home/workplace and everything in between, the multi-faceted influences upon our life has made us who we are. Finding those that are our kin gives a sense of belonging and we know it innately when we meet them.

Recently, our whole life shifted, before and again after the birth of our son. Relationships that were once adored had become turbulate with disagreeance and together we chose to release them.

The most saddened reflection of truth was when we opened storage boxes to reveal our wedding photos. We cried deeply when we saw how many of the people in the images were no longer a part of our lives. Knowing this has been challenging to digest, yet we are also creating newfound connections that are much more in alignment with our current path and frequency.

Being part of such a collective of people we connect with deeply enriches our life in the most positive and empowering ways. Inspiring each of us to become greater versions of ourselves.

What I offer is an extension of who IAM, in love with myself, in love with my work. We must remember that being the change means holding our OWN frequency.

We’re not able to carry anyone from our past beyond this point for each soul has its own journey or path. It is not up to us to interfere or hold on! The highest LOVE we can have for another is allowing them to move in the way that works best for them.

Trusting one’s path and intuitive self is so valuable!! When life evolves, the ripples are felt infinitely.




I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to LET GO.


Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy