When “Spirituality” Becomes Trendy


For a several years now the “Spiritual Movement” has increased its momentum. I am witnessing Spiritual concepts and those alike being mass produced on the mainstream market, such as aromatherapy, crystals, salt lamps and paintings of Buddha sold at convenient shopping centers, and it seems as though everyone is becoming an “energy healer”. Newly opened metaphysical shops popping up left and right, also constantly appearing on social media are repetitive posts of what is currently being shifted within the Collective Consciousness. Could this be a sign that the world has stretched well beyond critical mass, or is this a sign that money hungry corporations are now seeing Spiritualism as an opportunity for profit?

Being “Spiritual” takes dedication to a particular path that leads to healing, transformation and inevitably wholeness! Becoming “Spiritual” doesn’t happen overnight. It actually comes in layers!

Many individuals now feel a true calling to investigate and understand the hidden mysteries of a particular religious dogma, universal concept, Ancient tradition or culture, and the occult. To understand these mysteries, one must be awakened by another, an initiated Master of Mysteries. One who has received the codes activated within their own core essence. This does not happen by simply going to a “Spiritual” event, gathering, or seminar. These truths are understood clearly when they are applied deeply over a course of time, actively navigating through your own misunderstandings of such Sacred Wisdom!

Lately I have noticed that within many women’s circles, every member is considered a “Priestess” or “Goddess”. This is a great acknowledgement of the Divine Spark within every beating heart, yet I honestly feel as though claiming these titles is disrespectful towards those who have dedicated their entire lives to the Priestess/Goddess unfoldment.

Being a Priestess, guardian of Wisdom is a **responsibility**. It is not something you choose – for yourself – merely out of personal want, it emerges out of a felt sense of responsibility, devotion, and great respect for the mysterious forces of nature. You become a guardian of Sacred Mystery because you are a willing custodian of Mother Earth, consciously cultivating the New Earth.

Becoming a Priestess isn’t something you do lightly, simply out of personal desire, it requires immense dedication and a willingness to descend into levels of darkness most people brave not go. Before holding space for others, we have to go into our darkest recesses of consciousness. Providing the type of guidance a Priestess offers, you have to be ALL IN, otherwise, one may be lacking the necessary faith to safely see others through a transformation with the mind intact and heart aligned. A Priestess will empty their cup COMPLETELY in order to be filled by Great Spirit and hold space for another, whose joy they recognize as their own.

Guardians of Wisdom do not live for what they want. They live in harmony with and service to Great Spirit and surrender their life joyfully. Our true desire is only that which is in service to authentic healing and transformation. Spirituality becomes our only way of living!



I pray that you witness your reflection as I stand firmly in my ability to REMAIN AUTHENTIC.

Infinite Love – Infinite Light – Infinite Possibilities ♾
Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy